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Sag or Belly

Sag or Belly Sag or Belly
A Sag or Belly
is where the sewer pipe has lost positive slope going to its destination. Typically, sewers flow by gravity to where they tie into the city's main sewer. If a line is properly installed, it will have a positive slope for the entire duration of its distance. Where a portion of the line has settled, the rate at which liquids travel through it is significantly reduced. The reduced velocity of liquids allows the area to collect solids, eventually obstructing the line.

Preventive measures list:

»Replace old pipes before problems occur
»Request camera inspection of main sewerline when purchasing property.
»Scheduling regular pipe inspections and cleaning

Methods to Eliminate Defects in Sewers

Trenchless Repair

Pipe Bursting: Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining:
Non-Trenchless Repair

Open Cut Construction Spot Repairs High Pressure Jetting Snaking

Other Common Sewer Line Problems:

Positive Pitch Tree Root Intrusion Separations, Collapse & Cracks Debris / Grease


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