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Commercial Utility Repair Contractor - New Jersey, Monmouth, Middlesex County

As experienced commercial utility cabling contractors in New Jersey, we understand the long-term effects of ensuring that every task is completed correctly. Integrated Construction & Utilities Services is experienced in planning, installing, and even repairing both commercial and residential water lines. Our job is to creating durable, high quality water lines will ensure long-term stability and prevent future leaks and issues from developing.
While many contractors perform public utility work, what sets ICUNJ apart is the size, scope, and scale of our projects. We can perform under tight schedules and deadlines and we are experienced in working throughout New Jersey and the Monmouth & Middlesex County Area. ICUNJ's varied experiences allow us to complete your commercial utility construction project to exact specifications on-time and on-budget. We focus on providing gas lines that are safe, durable, and able to withstand high levels of pressure. In addition, we have an outstanding track record in directional boring with installation of natural gas, copper telephone and fiber optic cable, as well as larger diameter sewer and water systems bores.

ICUNJ has many satisfied costomers in New Jersey and the Monmouth County Area as we lead the industry in implementing innovative solutions. No two projects are the same, so our dedicated team of industry experts work with you to develop customized solutions to meet the most challenging conditions. We offer cabling installation, and commercial construction in Middlesex County, NJ that you can rely on.
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