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Industrial Utility Repair Contractor - New Jersey, Monmouth, Middlesex County

Integrated Construction & Utilities uses a variety of rate schedules and incentive programs, and can provide the utility service any industry needs at competitive costs. ICUNJ Is dedicated to providing the highest standard in customers support in New Jersey and the Monmouth County area. Our administrative and technical staff assist commercial and industrial customers with utility site information, technical assistance, rate calculations, and engineering expertise.

ICUNJ know that the infrastructure is extremely important to companies in New Jersey and the Monmouth County area. This is becuase they decide where to expand their company and build new plants. ICUNJ has a reputation for having a well-maintained utility system, long-term and reliable sources of supply and employees who know how to get the job done right.

ICUNJ has many satisfied costomers in New Jersey and the Monmouth County Area as we lead the industry in implementing innovative solutions. No two projects are the same, so our dedicated team of industry experts work with you to develop customized solutions to meet the most challenging conditions.
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